Welcome to CANN

California Newcomer Network

"Connecting, equipping, and empowering CA's passionate educational leaders who work with Newcomers."

NOTE: Selma USD teachers, please email Efraín Tovar (etovar at selmausd.org) for the registration link.


There are nearly 5 million English language learners in U.S. public schools today. By 2025, 1 in 4 students in the U.S. will be an ELL. In California, there are over 2,280,000 Ever-ELs and over 175,000 Newcomers. The Central Valley has over 341,000 Ever-ELs.  Teachers and administrators need to be equipped to continue providing the best tools for student learning both in and outside the classroom.

ESSENTIAL QUESTION: How will we equip teachers and administrators to address the diverse cultural/emotional/linguistic/digital needs of our newcomers?


Come join fellow California educators to collaborate on the instructional needs and best practices for Newcomers. By leveraging the expertise of others, this Network will serve as a learning community with the common interest/goal of gaining knowledge related to Newcomer students. At each meeting, a vetted Newcomer expert will join us to share resources and answer questions. Through the process of sharing information and experiences with the group, members will learn from each other and have an opportunity to develop personally and professionally in implementing best practices for supporting Newcomer success.



Get connected with other passionate ELD leaders who are committed to enhancing the lives of newcomers.


Be equipped with innovative resources and trainings that will enhance your newcomer instruction.


Be empowered with innovative tools and resources.